The approval process

Approval to provide a home based care service is granted by the NSW Government's Early Childhood Education Directorate (ECED).

The application process includes completion of an application form, supply of first aid qualifications and working with children approval, supply of supporting documents, sitting an open-book assessment and passing a home inspection.

Carers are required to understand the requirements and obligations set out in the Children (Education & Care Services) Supplementary Provisions Act 2011 and the Children (Education & Care Services) Supplementary Provisions Regulation 2012.

A summary of these obligations are as follows:

Key carer requirements:

- Must hold a current First Aid qualification and evidence of approved anaphylaxis and emergency asthma management training;

- Must have completed a working with children check;

- Must have experience in caring for children;

- Must transport the children to and from school;

- Must be of suitable maturity, health and personality to care for children;

- Must have an understanding of nutrition, safe food handling, health, hygiene and safety in caring for children;

- Must hold public liability insurance;

- Must pay a government application fee of $585

Key home requirements:

- Safe play areas and equipment;

- Accessible first aid kit;

- Hot water regulated to non-scalding temperature;

- Smoke detectors, fire blanket and fire extinguishers;

- Regulation outdoor and pool fencing;

- Safe, clean and well maintained premises