what schools are saying

"Introducing Neighbourhood7 has allowed us to meet the care needs of an additional 22 families, and rising.
Neighbourhood7 is a before and after school care program that has been initiated by Cassie Matheson, under the guidelines of the Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate of the NSW Department of Education.
The carers have demonstrated that they are nurturing, professional and committed to the safety and wellbeing of the children in care."
Mrs Julie Organ - Principal, Manly West Public School

WHAT parents are saying

"Our carer is so warm and welcoming, she really goes above and beyond.  Neighbourhood7 has saved our lives."  
Suzanne - Manly, NSW

"My son started kindergarten this year and although he was offered a place at the school's OSHC, I was keen to try Neighbourhood7 because I felt that home based care would offer a more nurturing and relaxing environment for him after a big day at school.
Our carer and her family are fantastic!  My son loves being there and even begged me to send him more often.
He gets adult attention and a level of care that is impossible in the normal after school care system. He plays with our carer's children and practises his reading and writing, meaning that when he gets home at 6pm we can actually relax together without the pressures of homework. 
I can't recommend this child care system highly enough.”
Rebecca - North Manly, NSW

"Our son loves going to his after school carer's house.  She is awesome.  This service is a life-saver".  
Sarah - Balgowlah, NSW

"Our daughter is absolutely loving it!  Our carer is amazing and we love getting the email updates and photos".
Annabel - Cammeray, NSW

"Neighbourhood7 and our carer have created a beautiful service".
Rachel - Cammeray, NSW

what carers are saying

"Neighbourhood7 made the government approval process so easy and stress-free.  Cannot recommend them highly enough!"  
Judy - Cammeray, NSW

"Aside from the financial benefits, knowing I'm helping my kids' school is truly rewarding."  
Debbie - Fairlight, NSW