Start-up costs

Start-up costs are an expected element of any new business.  

As well as understanding these costs, it's important for carers to understand how quickly they can recover these costs from their new income. 

To view a table estimating a carer's weekly earning potential, click here. 
Once a carer has estimated their weekly earning, they can calculate their start-up costs by combining the costs below that apply to them.
Next they take the start-up costs total and divide it by their weekly earning estimate to calculate how many weeks of operating as a carer it will take to earn back their start-up costs.

For example

A carer who takes on 4 paying children, before and after school for 3 days per week can potentially earn $540 per week.

Let’s assume their start-up costs totalled $1050. 

Now we take the start-up cost and divide it by the per week earning to calculate how many weeks of care it will take for the carer to earn back their investment.

              $1080                ÷            $540              =            2 weeks

It will take 2 weeks of care to recover their start-up investment. 

Carer Start-Up Requirements


$0 ($49 annual fee waived for first year)

Neighbourhood7 Registration Fee


ECECD* Application Fee


ECECD* Annual Fee


ECECD* Seminar & Assessment Fee


Children's Guardian Working with Children Check


First Aid, Anaphylaxis and Asthma Management Training


Public Liability Insurance (including first Monthly Premium of $35 and broker fee)


Fire Safety Equipment


National Police Certificate

*NSW Department of Education and Communities' Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate.