"Introducing Neighbourhood7 has allowed us to meet the care needs of an additional 22 families, and rising....." - mrs julie organ - principal, Manly west public school


Schools across NSW are suffering a serious shortage of before and after school care. 
With more families requiring two incomes to meet the costs of living, demand will continue to increase, putting undue pressure on families, existing BASC and OOSH services and schools' executive and administration staff.


Neighbourhood7 aims to build a network of home based carers near your school.  Unlike on-site facilities, which have a finite capacity, Neighbourhood7 can offer continual growth by enlisting carers to meet the ongoing demand.

Home based carers:

  • can care for up to 7 children including their own;
  • will accompany the children to and from school and provide a secure and nurturing home environment to bookend their school day;
  • require a current first aid certificate, working with children and criminal history checks and experience in caring for kids;
  • undergo government approval through the NSW Government Department of Education and Communities.



The most effective and influential way your school can help support this initiative is by communicating to the school community in the following ways:

  • distribution of a Neighbourhood7 brochure to all families by email and in children's backpacks;
  • directing all currently waitlisted families and future enquiries to register their care needs with Neighbourhood7 at www.neighbourhood7.com.au;
  • inclusion of a Neighbourhood7 brochure in kindergarten information and on school noticeboards; and
  • adding a link from the school website to www.neighbourhood7.com.au.



Our solution to the before and after school care shortage is low in effort and high in reward for schools.
This is a community solution to a community issue.



To arrange a time for Neighbourhood7 to present to your school, contact us on 0402 041 972 or email info@neighbourhood7.com.au.