Q: Do I need any formal childcare training to become a home based carer?

A: No, you must have experience with children, but no formal qualifications are necessary.


Q: Do I walk or drive the children to and from school?

A: You can walk if you are close enough to the school that the walk is comfortable for the children.  Alternatively, you may drive them however your enrolments will be limited by the number of seats in your vehicle.


Q: Can I be a carer if I live in an apartment?

A: Yes, there are no regulations relating to floor space for home based care.


Q: Can I be a carer if I am currently renting my home?

A: Yes, unless there are clauses in your tenancy agreement that prevent you from operating a home based business.


Q: How much will I earn?

A: Approximately $9 per child, per hour.  A carer working three mornings (7am - 9am) and three afternoons (3:20pm - 6:30pm) per week, caring for 4 children, will earn approximately $540 per week.


Q: How old will the children be?

A: The children are all at primary school and aged between 4 and 12.  However, the majority of children awaiting care are aged between 5 and 7.


Q: What activities or programs am I required to provide during care? 

A: Your primary responsibility is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children.  However, it is ideal to have a selection of books, games, crafts or puzzles for children to choose from. 
Most carers' afternoon routine includes afternoon tea, an opportunity to complete homework and free play from a selection of activities.